The InterAction Program is a 1-2 year volunteer program designed for recent graduates to serve an IFES movement in Europe. Volunteers work alongside an IFES national movement to reach students with the good news about Jesus. 

You’ll be placed in a European city with a local supervisor from the IFES movement, working with local or international students. 

Typically, InterAction Volunteers are involved in supporting and training student leaders, helping lead small groups, evangelistic events and hospitality, one-to-one bible studies, national conferences, and training events – and more! 

You’ll also benefit from our KickOff and Debriefing conferences which bookend the year, monthly PitStops with the InterAction Network, and an individual training program offered by your supervisor covering theology, ministry skills, cultural studies and more.

There are also opportunities for mentoring and involvement in other networks and ministries of IFES.  

We’re not looking for people to fill existing gaps with their specific gifts. Whatever your experience and ability there’s a place that fits for you.