Working cross-culturally has its own set of unique challenges and the Network seeks to be a support and encouragement through fellowship and training. 

The InterAction network is a fellowship of cross-cultural workers across IFES Europe, many of whom are graduates of the InterAction program. 

Are you a cross-cultural worker within an IFES movement? We would love to hear from you! 

Once a month we gather online for our Pitstop training events. These cover all kinds of topics to equip us in our ministry to students and give us space to connect, share and pray together. 

Every year in June, the Network gathers in Germany for our annual Debriefing conference. It’s an opportunity for rest, reflection and training as we look back over the year and think about all that God has done in us and through us. With Bible teaching, seminars, and plenty of time to pray and process, it is a highlight of the year! 

The InterAction Network also help mentor and teach the young people on our InterAction Program.