Other Opportunities

Romania - Apologetics Internship

Develop your skills in communicating persuasively with skeptical audiences.

Romania has had freedom of religion for just twenty-five years and new opportunities to communicate about Jesus on campus are constantly emerging. It's an exciting time! Taking part in this new opportunity, you will split your time between serving alongside the very dynamic Romanian IFES movement (OSCER) and working with Chrysolis, a new ministry focused on communicating creatively about Jesus in unchurched contexts.

You will be mentored by IFES' Mike and Kris York, a couple with almost three decades of experience in pioneering university campus ministry. Chrysolis' Luke Cawley, formerly a staff member with two different IFES movements and author of the acclaimed new book The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians, and the Spiritual But Not Religious, will guide your development in apologetics and evangelism and you will spend a chunk of time with him each week. You will have opportunities to develop your apologetic gifts, participate in an individually-tailored program of personal study, and travel beyond Romania to witness firsthand some of Europe's best university evangelists in action.

We are open to people at all stages of experience. Passion and a willingness to learn are our main priorities. Please get in touch if you want more information, or to talk through possibilities.

For more information, please either contact Interaction directly, or email Luke Cawley at luke@chrysolis.org.

Bosnia - English teacher (TEFL qualification needed)

Students in Bosnia are eager to learn English. It is the key which unlocks jobs and opportunities. Svjetionik (Bosnian for Lighthouse) Language School in Tuzla wants to be a light in the darkness.

Everyone regardless of nationality, sex or background is equally welcome to the school.

"Our desire is to shine God's light and share love that Jesus has poured into our hearts with our students while they are learning English".

The school offers several courses, among which:

  • General English at five levels (from Starter to Upper Intermediate)
  • English conversation classes about the Bible

It is a very good opportunity to meet and develop relationships with university students. This would be a great starting point for EUSFBiH (the Bosnian IFES movement) to develop and further student work in this town.

Qualifications needed: TEFL or CELTA

Svjetionik can offer a basic salary. Teachers are expected to work full time and also participate in student ministry and church life.

If you are interested, want more information or want to apply, please contact IFES InterAction at info@ifesinteraction.org or +49 (0)172 59 77 314 (German mobile phone).

Serbia: English Teacher

EUS is looking for an English teacher in central Serbia. The University of Kragujevac has about 12000 students, and EUS has a small group of 10 students there. This will be an excellent opportunity to help students to learn English and also to build up relationships with the students. They need good leaders for the small group of Christians there.

Applicant should have

  1. a BA or Master's degree, preferably in languages, but other areas may be suitable.
  2. some teaching experience.
  3. creativity to organize interactive teaching and language practice for students.
  4. a deep love for Jesus and a passion for evangelism and building relationships.  

Accommodation and a small salary will be provided, but additional fundraising will be needed.

For more information, please contact InterAction.

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