Sending people to serve, equip and strengthen student movements across Europe

Sarah Schneider Petra Bartlova Gunn Elin Vage Gareth Morris Sinead Norman Renee Molitor Petra Zelenjak Alicia Burgess Ruth Kalbskopf Lydia Adams Ahlke Spies Olivia Rigby Sarah Schilling Nina Sterneck James Rowden Ana Ferreira Beata Szrejder Liz Howald Brane Zelenjak Gabi Nobre Tish Worton

IFES InterAction is all about serving through evangelism, discipleship, international student outreach and pioneering.

Our aim is to proclaim Christ across Europe’s universities and colleges. We seek to provide training, pastoral care and strategic planning and we work with national IFES movements.

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InterAction is the cross-cultural mission teams programme of IFES Europe

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Global Connections Code of Best Practice logoIFES InterAction is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2015